A Platform for LEGO® Lovers to Learn, Compete and Collaborate.

The Builder Bunch program is not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by LEGO® Education or the LEGO® Group.

NEW!! Badge in a Box

At-Home Virtual Camp 

Badge-in-a-box is a chance for you to take the fun of the Builder Bunch LEGO® camp home. You get the needed parts, access to the specific Master Badge training tutorials and the specific Master Badge in the mail. You earn that badge and all affiliated points by completing the tasks and submitting your creations to be displayed with other builders across the world.

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Introducing THE BUNCH:

The Bunch is Builder Bunch’s online portal for Collaborating, Competing and Creating with LEGO® Bricks. It was birthed from our effort to make building with LEGO® a team sport and thrust into existence by the COVID crisis.

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THE BUNCH Features:

Showcase your LEGO® Creations:

The Bunch gives members an opportunity to showcase their LEGO® creations for other members to see.

Learn new LEGO® Skills:

The Bunch gives members access to a library of LEGO® building tutorial videos. These videos will teach you how things work and how to recreate them with LEGO® bircks.

Earn points to unlock cool merchandise:

The Bunch gives members an opportunity to earn points by completing tasks and competing in challenges. These points can be used to purchase cool merchandise.

The Bunch Economy: Badges and Bunches

On Builder Bunch your goal is to earn as many badges and points as possible.

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