ASEP Execution Manual


Builder Bunch is Atlanta’s premier After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) for children who love to learn and play with LEGO® bricks. Builder Bunch has tailored engineering, art, product design and architectural based LEGO® curriculums to serve as a platform for a semester of building fun.


  • Action packed one-hour sessions
  • Sessions can be tailored to fit the school’s specific needs.
  • Each school has multiple topic options. Each topic represents a specific element of STEAM

Use and purpose of this Manual

The ASEP Training Manual should be your aid as you prepare to create a wonderful LEGO® learning experience for students all over Georgia. This manual covers all aspects of an ASEP as well as gives you some instruction th the specific topics that you will be focusing on this semester. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible for you as one of our Master Builders and Builders. This manual will cover the following items:

Topic Overview

  • General Policies
  • Curriculum Glossary
  • ASEP Room Set-up Instructions
  • ASEP Session Components
  • ASEP Daily Tasks
  • Staff Roles and Responsibilitiess
  • Post Event Deliverables
  • Planning Checklist
  • Email Glossary

If you have any questions during this process you can contact this semester’s ASEP Manager through GroupME.




Curriculum Glossary

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ASEP Set-up Instructions

Note: School Must have internet access. Please test connections and provide any guest access codes prior to the ASEP

First Day Procedures

The ASEP Manager be present for the first 30 minutes of the first day of all ASEP Programs. **(If the ASEP Manager is booked elsewhere the Marketing Director for that school must be present)

Club Guide – This guide will be filled out on the first day of class and stored in the Club Folder for that specific location and in the ASEP Groupme Gallery.


ASEP Zones

 Classroom Zone

This is the area where all of the LEGO(r) building happens. It must be totally organized and the students must understand where they have access to and where they don’t.

Classroom Zones – Items needed

  1. Sanitizer
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Lysol spray
  4. General LEGO Bin (Large)
  5. Product Specific LEGO Bin


Classroom Zone – Day 1 | Intake Procedures

  •  Before kids get to class: 
    • Set up all Classroom Zones.
    • Organize all tables and chairs
    • Stock all zones with needed bricks
    • Write Builder Rules on Board
    • Write all Curriculum Notes on the board
    • Make a team scoreboard area on the board.
  •  As people come in: 
    • Have kids put jackets and lunch boxes in a designated Lunch Box Area.
    • Send kids to pre-assigned tables based on Age.

ASEP Session Components

Each ASEP program lasts between 10 and 16 weeks. Each week we will deliver a different session as we guide the students through the LEGO® building curriculum. The table below shows the typical 12 week session breakdown:


ASEP Components graphic

** Note: If your ASEP is more than 12 weeks you are at liberty to allow some freedom for all sessions after 12. This could be a time where you assign specific missions or just teach some advanced skills.


ASEP Session Tasks

In each ASEP Session the Master Builder is responsible to do a different set of tasks. These tasks are mandatory and must be executed before a MB leaves the location. The table below shows the session based task breakdown:


ASEP Task Resource