ASEP Processing Steps

ASEP Processing begins when we get an ASEP Proposal Request Form and ends when we get an executed ASEP Proposal.

ASEP Proposal Request Form Intake Phase  |  Responsibility: COO

Trigger: COO Receives an ASEP Proposal Request Form via the website.

  • Send New ASEP Proposal Request Form Email 

Proposal Development Phase  |  Responsibility: MD, COO

Trigger: Receive New ASEP Proposal Request Form Email

  • (MD)Pull info and contacts from ASEP Proposal Request form into Zoho.
  • Attach ASEP Proposal Request form to Zoho (Update Zoho Status – Proposal Request Form Received)
  • (MD)Make ASEP Proposal (Review SN Scheduling Form for availability.)
  • (MD)Send ASEP Proposal Approval Email (Update Zoho Status – Proposal waiting on Approval)
  • (COO) Approve ASEP Proposal (Update Zoho Status – Proposal Approved)
  • (MD) Send ASEP Proposal Email (Update Zoho Status – Proposal Sent for execution)

Proposal Processing Phase  |  Responsibility: MD

Trigger: Receive Signed ASEP Proposal

  • Attach Signed ASEP Proposal Request form to Zoho (Update Zoho Status – Proposal Signed)
  • Add SN to the ASEP Scheduling Form(Update Zoho Status – Scheduled)
  • Send ASEP Confirmation Email



ASEP Processing Templates

ASEP Processing Emails

  • ASEP Proposal Request Form Email
  • ASEP Proposal Approval Email
  • ASEP Proposal Email
  • ASEP 6 Week Planning Meeting Request Email
  • ASEP Confirmation Email

ASEP Proposal Request Form Email

Responsibility: COO

To: MD

CC: All MD’s

Subject: We have received an ASEP Proposal Request form from ________<MD Name> area!!!!

Attachments: ASEP Proposal Request Form


Congrats <MD>,

You have received an ASEP Proposal Request Form through our website. The form is attached. Please follow the steps below to process your new potential opportunity.

  • Make ASEP Proposal
  • Send ASEP Proposal Approval Email
  • Once it is approved, Send ASEP Proposal to School Point Person

Go to to get a graphic view of your processing steps.

Thanks and Congrats

ASEP Proposal Approval Email

Responsibility: MD



Subject: ASEP Proposal Approval Request

Attachments: ASEP Proposal


I have already checked the date and availability. Can you please approve the attached ASEP proposal? If approved type back APPROVED.


ASEP Proposal Email

Responsibility: MD

To: Lead


Subject: Builder Bunch LEGO® After School Enrichment Program Proposal

Attachments: ASEP Proposal


Thank you for your interest in bringing a After School Enrichment Program to your school. Based off of your suggestions and direction I have put together a proposal for you to review and approve. This proposal represents an intersection between the input from the Proposal Request Form, our availability and program requirements. If the terms are agreeable please sign and return the proposal to me as soon as possible so that we can lock your event on our event schedule.

Once, I receive your signed proposal (via scan and email) I will  :

(1) Activate your event registration link on our webpage at:
(2) Order the flyers needed for drop-off at the school (Please clarify how many flyer will be needed)
(2) Email you an e-flyer that you can start disseminating to the families alerting them to start registering as soon as possible!


 ASEP Confirmation Email

Responsibility: MD

To: Point Person

CC:, All MD’s, ASEPM

Subject: A New ASEP for  <school > in Scheduled

Attachments: Executed ASEP Proposal


The <school> After School Enrichment Program is on our official calendar for <date and time>. I will be reaching out as we get closer to the event to plan our Marketing Distribution Meeting 4 weeks before the After School Enrichment Program.