Note from the CEO: Due to the current situation, this year we will be hosting the Brick Bowl online.

What is the Virtual Brick Bowl?

The virtual Brick Bowl is our alternative to hosting this year’s annual LEGO® building competition in-person.  Children from all over Georgia will be able to compete in LEGO® competitions from the comfort of their own homes. We will downsize the event to 5 daily competitions that will be posted every morning at 9am starting on April 6th. Each competition will earn each builder points and at the end of the week we will add those points up to see who has the highest point total. The highest point earners will be throned “Master Builder of the Year” for their specific grade level.

Instructions Below:

Step 1: Register for Brick bowl below

Step 2: Check your email at 9am for the daily challenge.

Step 3: Complete the  daily LEGO® challenge.

Step 4: Record and submit your Daily Challenge

Register Today!!!

Registration ends April 5th @ 6pm

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5 LEGO® Challenges

Click the icon below to get Challenge instructions.

Unlocks April 6th @ 9am

Unlocks April 7th @ 9am

Unlocks April 8th @ 9am

Unlocks April 9th @ 9am

Unlocks April 10th @ 9am

Complete Each daily competition to win!!!

2020 Brick Bowl Winners


377 Points

1st Grade

320 Points

2nd Grade

337 Points

3nd Grade

362 Points

4nd Grade

407 Points

5th Grade

407 Points

6th Grade

205 Points