Camp Information


Hours and Pricing

Basic Camp Hours –  9am – 4pm

Early Drop Off – 8am ($25 per week)

Late Pick-up – 6pm ($25 per week)

Early Drop-off and Late Pick-up – 8am – 6pm ($40 per week)

Daily Schedule

Early Drop-off **Available at certain locations – 8am

Regular Drop-off – 9am

Free Build –  8am – 10am

Snack  – Sometime between 10 – 11am

Topic Specific LEGO®-based Education/Practice – 11 – 12pm

Lunch / Recess (Running, Jumping and Playing)  – 12 – 1:30pm

Topic Specific LEGO®-based Mission Play – 1:30 – 2:30pm

Snack – Sometime between 2:30 – 3pm

LEGO®-based Team Building Games – 3 – 4pm

Movie Time – 4 – 6pm

Late Pick-up**Available at certain locations  – 6pm


What you should bring.

Below is a list of items that you child will need during camp:

Snacks for our 2 Snack Breaks **No Peanut products

Lunch for our lunch break **No Peanut products

(1) LEGO® Character

Builder Bunch Apron ** Highly Recommended/ available at checkout


What is the typical camp day like? Click here for Builder Bunch daily camp schedule

What are the camp hours? Regular camp hours are from 9:00 am to 4pm

Can I drop my child off before 9:00am? Absolutely! Please add early drop off to your order during check out to drop off as early as 8:00 am

What does my child do during after-care? Builder Bunch does not engage in LEGO play after 4pm, however our instructors will have age appropriate movies to play for the after-care campers.

What is the late policy? You get a 30 min grace period the first time you pick up your child past his/her scheduled drop off, however it will be a dollar per minute after that first time grace period.

What is the instructor to student ratio? 1-12

What is Builder Bunch’s policy for handling a disruptive student? We use a point and award system to encourage our campers to follow directions in order to have the best experience.

What are the age restrictions? Our campers are aged 6-12. If your child is turning six that year, we may allow him/her to attend camp if there is available space. Please contact us directly for more information.

What time does the award ceremony begin? The award ceremony will begin promptly on Fridays at 3:45pm. Students are expected to help clean up their final products at the conclusion of the ceremony

What if a camp day falls on a holiday? If a camp day falls on a holiday, camp will not be held that day. Camp rates will be reduced for that week.

I purchased a camp but have a schedule conflict, can I change my child’s camp registration to another camp week or location?
If there is space available, we are happy to transfer your child to a different camp week.

I purchased a camp for my child but he/she will not be able to attend, can I receive a refund?Unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds once a camp has been purchased. We will transfer your child to a different camp date if space is available.

Does my child get to keep anything he/she made during camp? We do not allow our campers to take home any of our LEGO materials.

Where can I view my child’s daily creations? Our instructors take pictures and video of your child and what he/she made through-out the day. At the end of the day, our instructors upload these pictures to our official Facebook page. Please Like our page and feel free to tag yourself to your child’s picture or share the images on your own page.

Can my child bring LEGO’s from home to camp? We encourage our campers to bring one LEGO mini-figure to serve are their Avatar for the week. We explain to our campers on day one that if they bring LEGO’s from home to please leave them in their bookbag until we are doing an activity and to put them back before leaving the room or during clean-up. We are not responsible for lost LEGO mini-figure or LEGOs.

My child would like a Builder Bunch apron but we did not order one. Can we still get one? Of course! Please bring a check in the amount of $20.00 made out to Builder Bunch to a Builder Bunch staff member and they will give your child a new apron.

When will my child receive his Builder Bunch badge? Our instructors mail out badges on Thursday afternoons. Please allow 7-10 business days for the badge to arrive at your home. If it has been more than ten days, please contact us and we will send a new one.

Will lunch and snack be provided during camp? We do not provide lunch or snacks for our campers. Please bring a lunch and two snacks with your child each day. No nut products, pleas