Camp Facilitation Application

The Builder Bunch formula begins with us learning about you. Whether you are new to Builder Bunch or you’re having us back for our In-School Field Trips, After School Enrichment Programs, Brick Bash, Day Camps or to Facilitate a Summer Camp at your school, this Discovery process ensures we’ve tailored our programs to meet your specific needs and interests each time. There is no obligation at this point, we’ll simply use this information to ensure we’ve presented you with the best fitting STEAM-based LEGO® program. Each of the easy steps below reflects our years of experience in doing just that. Let’s build!

Step 1: School Info

Step 2: Your Potential Dates

We offer a variety of fun and exciting school break camp options throughout the year. During each school break, we typically host 3-5 day camps. Please identify the weeks that you are interested in facilitating a camp at your school. We understand that you are only identifying dates of initial interest and these dates may change based on multiple factors.

Which school breaks are you interested in filling with a Builder Bunch camp?

Fall Break Camp: YesNo

Thanksgiving Break Camp: YesNo

Winter Break Camp: YesNo

Spring Break Camp: YesNo

Summer Break Camp (4-weeks): YesNo

Please identify any breaks that you are interested in but didn’t see above. Also, identify the exact days for any of the school breaks that you identified above.

Step 3: Pricing

Each community has a different demographic. With this being the case, it is important that we try to price your camp according to your parent's financial ability. We have a small bit of flexibility in our pricing and we will try our best to stay within the range of your pricing request. However, if we cannot come close to your request we will be honest in providing you the minimum price that we can provide.

Step 4: Qualifications

In order for Builder Bunch to provide your PTA with the “Facilitation Grant” it is paramount that we can qualify the camp as PTA sponsored. Our ability to qualify our camp as PTA sponsored, receive discounted usage of the school and, ultimately, our ability to provide you with a Facilitation Grant is dependent on the rules of the county that you are in. Your answers to questions below will let us know how to better support you in determining whether your PTA qualifies for the “Facilitation Grant”.

Which option describes your county’s concession for “PTA sponsored” use of facilities? Discounted useFree useNo discountI don't know

Step 5: Final Notes

This should be enough information for us to get started putting together a unique plan for your school.

If we didn’t cover everything please add any additional notes below:(required)

Important: Your organization’s promotional support is critical to the success of your program. Once we draft your estimate and proposal, specific mutual responsibilities will be fully outlined.

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Thank you – we are excited to work with you and your Builders!