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Ways to Save.

Bunch Builder Referral Program

The Bunch Builder Referral Program gives kids a chance to bring a bunch of friends and parents to get a bunch of savings. To qualify simply bring 3 friends to a Builder Bunch LEGO® Camp or After School Program. Once they sign up we will email you a $200 voucher code. (Approx. camp cost)

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Parent Ambassador Program

The  Parent Ambassador Program gives our parents a chance to get involved in the building process. To qualify simply introduce us to your school or organizations partnership coordinator. Once they sign up to become a Kosaic Community School we will email you a voucher code good for a $200 voucher.

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Camp Stacker Discount

The Camp Stacker Discount Program gives parents who buy 3 camps a 4th camp at no cost.  To qualify simply purchase 3 camps and email us for your FREE camp voucher code.

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Additional Ways to Save

Bricks for Georgia “Title-1” Scholarship

As a part of our effort to expose ALL Georgia children to our LEGO®-based programs we have crafted to “Bricks for Georgia” Scholarship. This program provides partial scholarships to our camps based on availability.  The scholarships are available to all children between the ages of 6 – 12 that attend a Title 1 Community Partner Schools.

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Become a Parent Facilitator

A Parent Facilitator is a parent who agrees to serve as an on-site representative during our after school enrichment programs or a portion of the camp day in exchange for FREE program participation for their children. (2 children maximum)

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